Settlement benefits

Among the advantages, that the settlement in Biology Park brings, belong, besides the unique location withing the Masaryk´s university campus, also the fully equipped spaces (including the furniture and IT technologies), a small restaurant in the ground-floor, sufficient number of parking spaces and technological equipment of rented area.


The science and research center Biology Park Brno is located in the area of Masaryk´s university campus in Brno-Bohunice, Studentská street, with a connection to CEITEC, ILBIT and INBIT. This area is directly connected with the University hospital Brno and university campus, including the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Nature Science.

These facts enable a close connection between a newly built center and already existing science and research infrastructure.

An excellent traffic accessibility with a direct link to the main city traffic circle, D1 highway and airport, as well as the strategic city location on the crossroads of our main highways, belong among the other advantages of our center.

Facility equipment

  • Shared kitchens

    There are several shared kitchens in our building. Our clients can use them for preparing and heating their dishes.

  • Showers and cloakrooms

    There is also a possibility to use the showers and cloakrooms so as our clients can easily change their dress nad keep their things safe in lockers.

  • Café Delux restaurant

    Café Delux restaurant, that is opposite the reception desk, offers lunch menu, refreshment and hot and cold beverages.

  • Meeting room

    Our clients can use our shared meeting room with a capacity up to 57 persons. This meeting room is equipped with the technologies for presentation and internet.

  • Parking spaces

    Indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

  • Renewable sources

    Geological drilling, that has been done under the building of Biology Park, serves as an alternative source of heat and cold which has a positive effect on reducing the building´s energy costs.

I'm interested in the settlement

I'm interested in the settlement

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Ochrana osobních údajů

Here you can download the application for settlement.
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